Festivities Are Just Beginning (old theme)

Decided to post my article using the old theme: The Festivities Are Just Beginning

More evidence of American exceptionalism: Apple’s cash reserve alone is enough to buyout Coca Cola or Walt Disney:

This makes the left mad; they wish they could spread Apple’s wealth on useless social programs, but can’t. The left is powerless to do anything about this. Whether it’s capitalism and IQ triumphing or SJWs losing, the left – especially since 2013 – can’t get a break. Tesla stock keeps going up. Web 2.0 valuations, stock prices, and Bay Area real estate to the moon, with no signs of a crash. Smart people keep getting richer than ever, and yet the left still insists America is in decline or capitalism and the American dream is dead. The festivities of this great wealth creation boom are still in the first few innings…and the game will ‘end’ at the singularity. And here you have the left still seething against Uber and Tesla, all the while waiting for the economic crisis and stock market crash that will never come. They, the left, want another Obama…they want Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, and I await the disappointment for the far-left as neither of them get the nomination. Techno-libertarianism, Dark Enlightenment, IQ/HBD, man-o-sphere, STEM, Red Pill…all that stuff…that’s where it’s at in America today, especially on Reddit and 4chan, the trading floor, computer science, and the universities, where intellectualism and the creative class is revered.