What To Be Thankfull For On This 4th Of July

On this 4th of July, lets not forget:

As much as the left wants a ‘post-America’ world, the United States of America is well positioned to lead the global economy in the 21st century.

A number of forces such as technological progress and consumer spending are supportive of the America’s continued strength.

It is time to thank policy makers, including the Fed, for providing a backdrop of support to allow the free market to thrive and create wealth. In particular, the actions of the U.S. Federal Reserve were laudable back in 2008 and 2009, as they acted decisively with monetary policy to rescue the global financial system from imminent collapse. QE has also been a resounding success.

Let’s be thankful for Bay Area real estate and stocks

Let’s thank STEM majors for being smart

Let’s thank free market capitalism

Let’s thank Obama for being such a bad president, he will pave the way for many years of democratic losses to come

Will there be a Romney comeback? A commenter replies:

To me the real “tell” on Romney was his insistence that he was a “data driven executive.” But he never paid attention to the data–i.e. the polling. He seems never to have questioned the data, thought about the data or anything else. He had a completely delusional sense of his own skills and strengths.

Romney would have made a good president and he polled well. The problem is Obama, using his charisma and oratory skills, brainwashed the masses with the promise of ‘gifts’. Fortunately, he failed to deliver, unsurprisingly. After six or so years of failure, the disillusioned public sees Obama as an empty suit, giving the GOP opportunity control all three branches of government.