Let’s Teach the Kids to Code

Granted financial analysts and economists are important people, but what is the public liberal school system trying to teach their young minds?

The left has criticized standardized testing for years, but it’s still the most objective way of measuring ability because grade inflation and differences of curriculum has rendered high school GPA’s nearly useless. A meritocracy benefits the most competent, instead of who has the most connections or the most privileged background. Those who learn to code stand the highest chance of reaching the upper echelons of society.

This was sent in by a reader who’s 3rd grader missed a perfect score because of the below question. Our recommendation would be for your 3rd grader to drop this course immediately and replace it with a computer programming class.

Why Computer Science Should Be a High School Graduation Requirement…

Unfortunately, according to code.org, 9 out of 10 schools don’t even offer computer programming classes. Even worse, in schools where those courses are offered (usually schools lucky enough to have the funding to teach AP Computer Science), in 31 of 50 states, computer science courses can’t count toward high school graduation math or science requirements. In reality, computer science courses teach logic and critical thinking skills just as well as, if not better than, required math and science courses. Furthermore, computer science education is probably more important over a student’s lifetime than many of these natural science or mathematics courses. Simply put, think about the last time you used what you learned in your high school chemistry, trigonometry, or physics class, and then think about when you last used a computer. Oh wait, you’re using a computer right now! The usefulness of computer science courses should be obvious.

The left wants pain at the pump and surging oil prices to hurt the economy, but there’s no evidence it will do so; instead, we should just ridicule their ignorance and wishful thinking- their shrill cries for crisis and recession still ignored as stocks keep making new highs. The left says the economy is weak and yet my personal economy is doing better than ever. If there’s supposed to be economic weakness you won’t find it in my neighborhood where my home keeps going up everyday. It’s time we stop feeling sorry for the losers of society. We need to support the fed and spend, spend, spend. We need to teach the kids to code and the virtues of consumer spending. Corporate welfare is not the problem; liberalism is. The argument can be made that $1 of corporate welfare contributes more to the economy than $1 of personal welfare. Look at the success of Tesla, defense spending or the bank bailouts. We need entitlement reform instead of corporate welfare reform. We need more spendism and less whining about job loss and stuff like that.

Everything is wonderful and no one is happy. We have limitless abundance for some and falling between the cracks for most. We shouldn’t be so discouraged by the bad news that we lose sight of the positives, like the web 2.0 boom, stock market surge, and Silicon Valley real estate market. Teaching the kids to code is a surefire way to join the ownership society, make the pie higher, and have a better life. Will the highways of the internet become more few, lest we learn to code? Coding is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream. We’re reached the tipping point where the elite outliers that occupy the right side of the bell curve are coming apart from the rest of society. If you blink you’ll miss it.